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Replacement Windows In Albuquerque, New Mexico  Historic Homes: What You Need to Consider

Replacement Windows In Albuquerque, New Mexico Historic Homes: What You Need to Consider

Historic homes in the Albuquerque area offer homeowners so many distinctive and interesting perks that many new homes simply can’t deliver on nowadays. Not only do they tell a story about the area and period in which they were built, they also allow you to use a number of style choices that can look out of place in a newer home. Of course when the time comes for replacement windows, there’s a possibility you could uncover this dilemma. Many new replacement windows don’t match up with your home’s unique, historic charm. So what should you look at when you find yourself in this situation?

  1. Decipher the size of the window opening.

  2. Write down the number of panes and their arrangement.

  3. Try to reveal the type of material used – this is mostly wood for historic homes, so do a little research to learn more about the period and the materials most commonly used in the area.

  4. Work to identify the stain or paint color for matching purposes.

  5. Write down any distinct facts that appear to be unique to that specific window so that you can mention them when meeting with the replacement windows team at Pella Windows and Doors Southwest. 

In addition to taking all of these things in to consideration, do as much research as you can on the period of the house and the houses in the area. Historical homes like those in Albuquerque have their own style and unique designs that make them identifiable as being from the area. The last thing you want to happen is to eliminate those charms when simply getting replacement windows.

There are a number of replacement window choices available at Pella Windows and Doors Southwest’s Albuquerque showroom. Stop in to see all of the options available to you so you can talk with a professional and decide what’s best for your home. Can’t stop by? Call 505-373-1296 or use our online scheduler and get an in-home consultation set up to make it even easier.

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